In this Sales Envy Review I’m going to explain how you can use this power integrate Skype tool that will be the last CRM you ever need.

Skype is just Skype, until you get Sales Envy for it. Then it becomes a very powerful tool that can be used as a sales automation machine, a robust phone dialer, and an efficient CRM (Customer Relations Management) that businesses and small startups shouldn’t miss out on! You’ll find this review to be quite helpful when it comes to letting you know how easy and cost-efficient this 3rd party Skype app is, and the many benefits that come with it.

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What is Sales Envy?

Sales Envy is your go-to platform for CRM and phone dialing solutions rolled into one fantastic package. This third party Skype app will take over all your phone dialing operation and will be your best friend when it comes to managing customer relations. It even automates some of your most important sales processes in just a few clicks of the mouse button.

Sales Envy will revolutionize how organizations think about phone dialing and CRM. Both of these business factors are now more important than ever, and that is one of the reasons why this companion app for Skype was made.

How much is the cost of a CRM package these days? Just the estimates alone will make a startup company flinch. Include the essential sales campaign and the needed dialing medium to go with it, and the expenses balloon up pretty quickly.

sales envy review

Of course, no Sales Envy review will be complete without the listing of its amazing features and the benefits that come with it. Here they are, and arranged in no particular order:

Sales Envy Features

Integrated Skype Toolkit

All businesses large or small will eventually need to place outbound and nurturing calls to sales leads at one point. Skype is one of the most-used online calling platform around the world, so why not utilize it to maximum potential? Sales Envy turns the Skype program into a beast that can use unlimited call minutes and calls, and one that can manage thousands upon thousands of contacts. Imagine how much money you can save, and how you are freed from outbound calling limitations when you use Sales Envy!

Powerful Sales Management

Forget costly sales pipeline programs that are inefficient and take up invaluable screen time; Sales Envy lets you see everything in one window. Your sales funnel will improve the moment you let this nifty third party app take over your sales campaign. Put in your contacts to where they are in the sales funnel- whether in the early stages, or in thanking them for their business. The software does away with complicated charts and lays it out in a simple visual style that any sales rep can understand. There will be no miscommunications here, as everything is intuitive and Sales Envy will even tell you what to do next.

One-Stop Dashboard

How easy would life be if you had a device that can do it all? Make calls, respond to emails, manage contacts, and all that. There’s a reason why smartphones are being used all over the world; and this is why Sales Envy is going to be huge when it comes out. Everything you will need to succeed is in one screen- no more two confusing windows to multitask in, and no more multiple programs running and eating up your computer’s resources. Business processes are in here- voicemail, call recording, scripting, calendar, email, dialing and other vital business tasks are here in one place.

Automatic Follow-Ups

Millionaires and self-made startup execs will tell you that timing is everything, and they are right. Timely updates and follow-ups can make the difference between profit and a loss in sales. A timely response can be a basis for hundreds of referrals in delighted customers. What do you think will happen if you and your business gets everything in a timely manner? Success with a capital S! The reminders built in Sales Envy ensure that you get full control over events that need a personal touch. You get the best hour to call, the best time zones, and a tool that reminds you when an action is due or overdue.

Built-In Call Recording

A call shouldn’t just end and be done away with; each conversation is invaluable when it comes to organizations and businesses seeking to improve their sales and CRM processes. Sales Envy’s call recording feature will allow you to collect and store important data for later use. These calls can be referenced later for quality purposes and for training new employees, and they serve as digital imprints should you need to bring them up for any other business reasons.

Call Rep Efficiency

Automated dialing functions allow employees to put in more outbound sales calls than ever! How does it feel to put on a steady rhythm of successful sales calls without missing a beat? Reps can focus more on thinking about how to personalize their sales pitch rather than do the tedious task of hanging up and dialing a number from a list. The next number is automatically dialed in, bringing in efficiency at an all-time high. Do you or your reps have a sales script guaranteed to bring in the big bucks? Have that script imported into Sales Envy’s database, and all of your reps will have that power to make more profit.

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Conclusion On Our Sales Envy Review

What does this Sales Envy review all point to? Unprecedented success for you and your company. Sales Envy is the app that all businesses are looking for- top-notch sales lead generation and CRM with all the modern features attached. You can manage your entire sales pipeline, make unlimited calls, gain the ability to record and play them back when needed, send out pre-recorded messages and emails to prospects and employees, and see everything in one screen.

Best of all, Sales Envy is an excellent investment you should consider as soon as possible. How much do you expect to pay for all of those features listed above? No, it doesn’t have to cost upwards of tens of thousands of dollars. Sales Envy is priced so low as compared to other limited dialing solutions that it can save businesses’ money right from the get-go. Acquire the future of CRM, sales automation and phone dialing now with Sales Envy!

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Sales Envy Review
  • - 9/10


Sales Envy overall is an amazing CRM add-on for Skype. Anyone looking to become more effective with prospecting and tracking calls with Skype should be using this tool. You can even use it to eliminate your existing CRM which would ultimately save you thousands. Skype is already a good solution for prospecting, why not enhance that x10 with a tool like Sales Envy?

We rate this product 9/10.

Here are some of the features:
-Integrated Skype Toolkit
-Powerful Sales Management
-One-Stop Dashboard
-Automatic Follow-Ups
-Built-In Call Recording
-Call Rep Efficiency